Friday, February 6, 2009

One Step Behind

So...I have been wrestling with some concepts of leadership and how they apply to the Church.

Over the last year, God has been doing some pretty amazing things in the Keller Park Church and Community.  And the coolest thing, is I have had no clue what he is going to do next.  Everything that has happened has just been God piecing things together.  

Proof-in-point...about 3 years ago, I had the audacity to create a 5 year plan for the church.  Although, that seems like a great thing from a leadership standpoint, I am sure that I had God laughing outloud (does God speak text lingo 'lol'?)  It included when we would start a "Sunday School" program, and when we would hire additional staff people in this area or that.  At this point looking back, it's hilarious.  Not only did NONE of that happen, but MUCH better things have.  Needless to say, God knows what he's doing.

So here's the crux of my issue.  I recently attended the "Catalyst" conference with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.  After hearing their hearts, I am now big fans of what God is doing in them.  However, one thing bothered me.  Andy said something like, "If you ever look at something and say, 'I have no clue what's going on, it's a God thing,'  you are on your way to poor leadership and mismanaging the work of God."

Don't get me wrong, I understand what he's saying, but I just don't fully agree.  It bears the assumption that God always works in systematic ways that make logical sense, and that just isn't true.  If Bible characters started forming systems around the unique workings of God, where would that have taken them?  

After the Gideon story where he had to get rid of nearly all of his troops before God brought victory, what if every army went in fighting with  300 men?  The truth is that God frequently works in ways that make no sense and aren't a result of any systematic obedience on our part.  He just does things, and we are left to react appropriately.

And I like that.

I like not knowing how God has done what he has done here in Keller Park.  I like not knowing why.  I like not knowing why now.

There is just something that seems right about reacting to God a step or two behind, instead of trying to keep up or run ahead and asking God to come alongside.  I've lived there for too long..."God please help me do this...God please bring resources for me to do that..."

God works best in me when I can't keep up.  I need to be one step behind.