Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Worst Day of their Lives

Day 6575 is the worst day of their lives. It is the day the Church in America turns on them.

It's not intentional...the Church doesn't even know it's doing it...but it happens nonetheless.

It is the day where helpless children become villainous adults.

Day 6575...also known as the 18th birthday.

You see, the Church in America has a passion for helping kids in need...kids who experience poverty and all that goes with it. We hurt for the children whose parents don't care. We cry out for the abused, the rejected, the forgotten. As Christians, we develop programs to take them in and show them love.

When they misbehave--say something inappropriate, break something carelessly, disobey our requests...we understand, because after all, THEY'VE NEVER BEEN TAUGHT.

They're just poor children who can't help that they've been born to lazy, undisciplined, barbaric parents (or so the story goes...). Those poor, unfortunate children...

Until Day 6575.

At that point those children, whose vices were previously so understood and justified, become adults and, as such, the object of wrath for the Evangelical Right.

Far too often, I hear "Christians" spew political venom aimed at the adults in poverty who are a "drag on our precious economy." They are attacked for taking health care and taxpayer money all without contributing their fair share. They are accused of having the same opportunities as everyone else, but merely choosing not to take advantage of them...likely because they are selfish, lazy, and (of course) Democrats.

Day 6574: "You poor kids with no one to love and teach you!"
Day 6575: "You lazy adults need to get your act together or suffer the consequences!"

What a difference a day makes.

To all my neighbors about to turn 18... may we never forget who you are.