Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I love our Church

This past Sunday (and for the next 4) David Cramer taught at KPC.  His message was great--on the wholistic simplicity of the gospel, tearing down the labels we have used to define various theological camps, and laying out Jesus' good news of rocking the world in every facet.

For someone like me, growing up in a world of labels and division (charasmatic vs. traditional, conservative vs. liberal, reformed vs. free-will, evangelical vs. mainstream) the lesson was quite freeing.  However, we found out that not everyone shared the same experiences and perspective.

There was a man who had not been around those labels, not seen the hurt and separation caused by words such as "Social gospel", "political gospel", etc.  The only presentation of the gospel he had seen was the simple all-inclusive gospel Dave was describing.   For him, then, the discussing of the different labels was a path of confusion, dividing what was already (for him) united.

Here's what I love:  there were clearly people on both sides of the aisle on this one, each frustrated that the other side couldn't understand where they were coming from.  BUT, as is a common theme for KPC, we are able to talk it out, right there on the spot, in the middle of the "service".  David responded with much grace and God moved us into a time of freeing discussion that brought us all to a point of trust as a community.

Different people.  Different perspectives...But willing to push through conflict, openly, for the sake of unity.

I love our church!

If you get a chance, check out David's transcript!