Sunday, January 26, 2014

Church with your Kids: Philippians 2

Philippians 2:1-11 (paraphrased)
Does being connected to Jesus mean anything to you? Do you feel better because Jesus loves you? Do you enjoy knowing he is always with you? Do you like how much he cares for you when you are sad?

If you do, then think and act that way towards other people as well.  Love people and think about them the way that Jesus thinks about you.

Don’t do anything just because it’s what YOU want.  Don’t think YOU are more important than anyone else.  Instead, be humble.  Act like other people are MORE IMPORTANT than you.  Don’t just think about what YOU want.  Think about what other people may want.

Think of other people like Jesus does.

Listen to the story of Jesus:
Jesus is God - the most important and powerful in the world.  But he didn’t brag about it.  He didn’t tell people they had to do what he wanted because he was God.

Instead, Jesus made himself not look important.  He decided to become a servant.  He became a normal person.  

And he did even more than that!  He even let himself be hurt and killed on a cross!  And it was all because he was trying to love others.

Even though that did not look very good, God saw what Jesus did.  And God told everyone how great Jesus was!  He gave Jesus a special reward.  God made Jesus king of everywhere!  Even heaven!

And someday, everyone that lives will know and say how important Jesus is.  And when they do, they God will be happy.


  • What would you do if you were a King or Queen or God?
  • Jesus was a King and God.  How did he treat other people?
  • What does it mean to treat others like they are more important?
  • How can you think more about what someone else wants?
  • What do you think happens serve others like Jesus?
    • What happens to us?
    • What happens to others?
    • What happens to God?

Pray:  Ask God to help you think more about others and less about yourself.  Thank Jesus for thinking about you.