Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working too much?

So I struggle with the tension between 4 ideals:

1) The pattern of God who worked 6 days and rested the 7th, and commanded the same from us.

2) The pattern of traditional American middle-class jobs to work 9-5 Monday -Friday, then rest Saturday and Sunday.

3) That the advancement of the Kingdom should be pursued at all costs, which happens to also be the charge of my job as a pastor.

4)  I have been given the responsibility for raising my daughters to know and love God and people.

So where do we draw the lines?  

Clearly if we work 6 days dusk to dawn, the 7th better be one of complete rest (that means no chores, honey!)

If our work week is 40 hours, then Biblically, I don't think we are given the freedom to vacation the rest of the remaining time in our week.

If we have the choice to stop at 40 hours, or work more, SHOULD we stop?  or did God expect more from us with the example HE set?

As a pastor, in addition to my work week, should I build in "volunteer" time as I encourage the rest of my congregation to?

I really have no answers, but would like to get this all figured out at some point!