Thursday, January 29, 2009

True Community

It seems to be the job of pastors to try to encourage people toward community.

We plan events, have coffee times before services, make people shake hands for 5 know all of the tricks.

But can true community that people are looking for ever really be planned?

We have a small group that gets together once every-other-week.  It's a great time.  We talk, eat, study, discuss, and play Seinfeld TV games.  I can assume that we genuinely enjoy all of our time together.

But is that community?  or just an enjoyable evening together?  Is there a difference?

For me, true community is when people begin to naturally interact and flow together in the midst of daily life - when you can go to someone's house without a reason, just because you feel like being with them, when you can spontaneously call and talk through an issue at the moment you are experiencing it -without waiting until your next get-together.

Don't get me wrong, small groups, coffee time, and even the 5 minute handshakes are great on-ramps to community, but let's not mistake them for the real thing.

Community means getting messy, vulnerable, and a little out of control at times.  But that's the beauty!

Your thoughts?