Friday, January 23, 2009

TOP 5: Loving Husbands

I am a list kindof guy...I have my top 5s in so many categories from favorite cereals to biggest fears.  Every so often I will put forward one of my lists for discussion, with explanations.  

Today is Top 5 loving husbands I have seen...I apologize to anyone who is on or off this list incorrectly:

1)  Tim Yazel - my dad.  I don't know that I have ever met a more patient person.  He is grace giving in conversation and life with my mother.   Also, he serves her constantly, in every way without any words of complaint.  My mom has yet to ever pump gas, I believe.

2)  John H. - a man at KPC.  He is getting along in years, and has been married for probably close to 40.  His wife has struggled with mental issues for years now, often talking nonsense or even accusing him publicly of many things.  He takes every comment without a word, and day-in-and-day out just lives his life to serve her without any return.  What love!

3)  Joel Boehner - a friend and KPC brother - He has only been married for 6 years now, but he is another guy who always looks at his wife with love in any situation.  You can just see his love in his countenance with her.

4)  Tim Courliss - a great friend from Bethel on - his wife, Karen, is an actress/singer with goals to perform across the world.  Tim believes in her abilities, and supports her fully, and is willing to pick up and move wherever her career deems necessary.

5)  Harry Holycross - "The godfather" of the KPC church - Harry adored his wife Flo and acted as though everything she touched was gold.  Flo passed away last year from lung cancer, and Harry has taken it upon himself to live his life according to every last detail of what Flo wanted for him.  Even in her passing, his life is still lived around his love for her.

Any you guys see around you?