Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recession Proof

The Church of the Heartland here in South Bend is doing a series called "Recession Proof".  I like this for 2 reasons.

1) In a world where our Christian culture reigns supreme, the series is not about the Christian movie that just came out, but the world we live in.

2) It's true!

We as Christians have had our primary citizenship placed into the Kingdom of Heaven.  This means, regardless of what goes on around us, WE have only Kingdom ramifications to worry ourselves with...and btw, God's got those taken care of.

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!  If the economy tanks, does that change where we or others stand in the Kingdom (if it does, it only helps...according to the ramifications of the rich young ruler parable, shouldn't we be almost rooting for the economy to tank?)?  If sin gets a political vehicle to reign more openly, does that change the story that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God?

Our job is not to minimize sin in the world, fight evil, or guarantee the American dream.  As a church we have been charged with helping our neighbors take steps toward Christ.

As the underground church has shown us by growing more rapidly in countries where there is no freedom to worship freely, politics play such a very small role in the advancement of the Kingdom.

So...as we have a new president set forth today (I am excited!), remember your primary citizenship!