Monday, January 19, 2009

I have a dream

In honor of MLKJ Day, I have decided to kick-off this blog with an "I have a dream..." blog of my own.  Here goes:

I have a dream that one day...

- people won't confuse charity-from-a-distance with full-blown love.

- churches everywhere will ask themselves "Why?" and answer themselves honestly.

- large porches that actually get used by people sitting on them will make a come-back

- the wedding industry will go out of business (can you believe how much they charge for stuff?!!)

- this country will awaken from our denial regarding our unhealthy living and stop blaming genetics for everything (I loved the social commentary in Wall-E!)

- churches will start treating all sin for what it is...that the idea of "socially acceptable" sin goes out the window.  I'm sick of rooms full of people struggling with gluttony, greed, pride, etc. sitting around passing judgment on homosexuality, drunkeness, etc.

- the United States will win a World Cup.

- ESPN will realize that making fun of soccer is not good for their soccer ratings, and bottom line.

- my daughters will not date until the age of 20.

- Christians will focus more on the Great Commission than the Republican Mission.

- Mocha will realize that getting her tie-out wrapped around a tree in sub-freezing weather is NOT appropriate behavior.

Any you would add?